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  • August 19 2021 – Robert Fiumara

    5 Reasons Compression Socks Help You Recover Better

    Compression socks are designed to help stabilize muscles and prevent muscle fatigue after a long workout and/or to help enhance oxygen flow through the blood for a better recovery and less fatigue. While they are typically used by athletes following an intense workout, those in the medical industry can also benefit from the use of compression socks. After all, you...

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  • August 14 2015 – Blaise Netzer

    Five Reasons to Stop Smoking

    If you’re between the ages of 25 and 36, chances are you might smoke.  Smoking is responsible for nearly one in five deaths in the United States alone and while you probably know the various health problems smoking can cause, you might wonder what quitting can do for you.   Almost immediately, your body responds to quitting by improving your...

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  • August 07 2015 – Bold Apps

    How to Survive and Thrive with a Summer Cold

    Summer will be winding down soon and we’ll have to deal with a whole host of cold weather illnesses including the dreaded flu.  But for now, while the dog days of summer continue, some of us will catch a summer cold.  A summer cold is often felt to be worse than a winter cold and many people assume that the...

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  • July 31 2015 – Bold Apps

    Urgent Care Continues to Relieve Pressure on Medical Field

    If you’ve ever been in need of emergency medical care for an injury or illness, you know how time-consuming emergency waiting rooms can be and how expensive emergency care can get.  But urgent care is becoming a growing trend in the medical industry, for those who are unwilling or unable to seek out emergency room care but need more than...

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  • July 24 2015 – Bold Apps

    The Future of Surgery: Do-It-Yourself Healthcare

    If you have an illness or injury that requires surgical intervention, you’ll need to go to the hospital and receive treatment by a qualified team of doctors, surgeons, and nurses.  But now, a designer has big plans for a future that includes surgeries you can perform yourself, in your own home.   It might sound like science fiction but The...

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  • July 17 2015 – Bold Apps

    Needle-Free Medicine Coming Soon

    If you’re afraid of needles, going to the Doctor or receiving emergency treatment isn’t something you look forward to.  In fact, for those who suffer from a needle phobia, it can be downright terrifying.  Luckily, you might not have to wait too long before needle-free treatment is the new normal.   For years, Doctors and the medical community have all...

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