Ancient Chinese Medicine: Making a Comeback?

June 26 2015 – Bold Apps

Blue Evergreen Hydrangea Root has been a constant fixture in Eastern medicine for centuries and now, the plant is getting mainstream attention for its healing properties! 


During a recent study by pharmaceutical giant Allied-Bristol Life Sciences, researchers found that the active ingredient in blue evergreen hydrangea root could be helpful in blocking a type of rogue T-cell that attacks healthy cells and can cause inflammation and damage.  Regular T-cells are helpful to the body, while rogue T-cells are thought to cause a variety of autoimmune disease including multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes, and lupus.  With this new research study, doctors are hoping that the main ingredient in the hydrangea root, halofuginone, could assist to develop drugs that can treat certain autoimmune diseases.


But while blue evergreen hydrangea root is new to traditional medicine, it’s been used in ancient Chinese medicine for the last 20,000 years.  Its usefulness was first noticed in the west in the 1940’s but researchers are just now working out how it may be used.  The recent study, conducted by Harvard, showed exactly how halofuginone worked and what its possible real-world applications may end up being.  While there is still much more research to be done into this herb, doctors and other experts say that this is the first step in using the plant to develop drugs to treat autoimmune diseases. 


While this isn’t the first herb that’s been used in both traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, it is the first to make big headlines.  While experts agree that western medicine is useful to cure serious diseases that need immediate attention, these cures often contain harsh side effects.  Many claim that the key to a healthy lifestyle is the combination of western and eastern medicine.  In recent years, some health professionals have began to add traditional cures in addition to western treatments for many disorders, including acupuncture, a traditional diet, and the addition of herbs.  Many doctors continue to suggest that the best approach to wellness is integration between eastern and western medicine.


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