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Fiumara Apparel Now Offers Custom Embroidery For All Our Textile Products

At Fiumara, we believe all the hard work and talent you contribute should be reflected in the clothing you wear every day. Custom embroidery gives your medical apparel the personal touch you want and the professional touch your work deserves.

Our clients want their apparel embroidered with a company name or logo, as well as doctors and other medical staffs name or position within the department. Allowing doctors and medical staff to display their names on their coats shows them that the company values their work and dedication. When medical staff wear similar uniforms with the hospital or clinics logo, it helps to promote unity.

Fiumara Culinary - Embroider Sample

Similarly, medical uniforms often feature a logo on the left chest area. They are not always customized, but why not buck the trend and offer long-term staff the option to set themselves apart? Or, consider using text embroidery to display each staff member’s position in the department, or get creative with your logo and distinguish nurse staff from doctors.

Display your hospital's logo for a uniform, professional look, or a monogram for a more personalized touch. Or, use both to make sure everyone in your Hospital can show their own, unique identity. You could add a name underneath your logo, embroider each lapel, add a logo to the shoulder. The options are endless!  We use nothing but 100% high quality embroidery thread on all of our products. Additionally, we can guarantee your order will be professionally stitched in-house, eliminating the need to have them sent to a third-party embroiderer. This means you’ll have your products sooner and be spared the cost of extra shipping and outside embroidery services.

After you’ve found the perfect medical wear for yourself or your staff, look through our color choices and determine what fits your hospital aesthetic. Or, ask us and we can help you choose a color that complements your logo, the apparel you’ve chosen, the scheme of your hospital, and your own personal style.

Choose from classic monogram designs or design your own and we’ll embroider it for you. Logos and other designs can be sent to us, along with preferred text, and we’ll place it on the articles of your choosing. Stand out from the crowd or provide your entire team with professional logos that display your hospital every time you set foot on the floor.

Do you have questions about our embroidery services? Our experienced professionals have the knowledge to answer any questions you may have regarding embroidery color, available fonts, logo file types, available sizes, and more. Contact us with questions or to order your custom apparel today.


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