High Paying Medical Jobs with a Bachelor’s Degree

July 04 2015 – Bold Apps

If you’re interested in the medical field, the financial burden and sacrifice that you’ll have to make might be holding you back.  If you’re unable or unwilling to attend eight or more years of schooling, we have a list of high paying medical careers that you can achieve with a Bachelor’s degree.


If you’d like to work with high-tech equipment that helps temporarily control patients vital functions like respiration and circulation, you can become a Medical Perfusionist.  Medical Perfusionists work primarily in hospitals and typically you will find them in surgical units – especially during cardiac surgery.  The average annual pay for a Medical Perfusionist is $93,500 and the job outlook is very good. 


If you’d rather stay out of the surgical unit and have a good eye for detail and management, a Clinical Trial Manager, might be a great career for you.  With an annual average salary of $92,600, a Clinical Trial Manager is responsible for overseeing drug trials and ensuring that these trials adhere to all FDA standards and regulations.  Most Clinical Trial Managers have a background in science as well as a variety of technical skills.  If you’ve worked in a lab setting before, you’re well on your way to advancing to Clinical Trial Manager.


Next up is Health Care Product Manager.  If you’re more interested in health care marketing, sales strategies, and producing results, this is a great career field!  With an average salary of $87,800, Health Care Product Managers are responsible for coordinating product development with a variety of business units including sales and marketing.  You can expect that a variety of businesses will need a Health Care Product Manager but you’ll mainly be working in the Pharmaceutical industry.


Along the same vein as Health Care Product Manager, we have a Pharmaceuticals Sales Representative.  Most positions require travel and you will work with a broad variety of people including doctors, patients, and hospital staff.  At an annual salary of $84,200, most Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives has a degree in Marketing or a related field.  In addition to promoting specific products, you’ll also have the task of acting as a coordinator to ensure that patients are receiving the best possible medical equipment and drugs. 


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