A Positive Attitude Could Improve Your Health

July 10 2015 – Bold Apps

When we have bad days or challenges, we’ve all heard that age-old adage to ‘stay positive.’  But sometimes, it’s difficult to find motivation to stay positive when we encounter significant life obstacles.  It’s actually imperative that we find ways to manage stress in a positive way, because our health depends on it.


If you consider yourself an optimist, you’re in luck!  Many studies have shown that overall; optimists tend to be in better health than so-called pessimists.  Research suggests that if you tend to look at the brighter side of a situation, you’re at less risk for depression and other ailments.  Pessimists’ health often deteriorated far faster as they aged, than an optimist’s health.  You can also expect a lower risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular ailments if you’ve got a positive attitude about life!  Although researchers are still trying to figure out exactly why a positive attitude affects us so much, pessimism is being associated with all kinds of ailments including the immune systems response to tumors and infections. 


But keeping a positive, can-do attitude isn’t all about good health – it can also affect your performance at work!  Research has shown that salespeople who are optimists are 37% more likely to make a sale than those who are considered to have a negative attitude.  There are techniques that can help those of us who get caught falling into negative thinking patterns.  Two simple steps you can take in order to focus on the positive include separating thoughts from facts – since most negative thoughts aren’t based in facts but on the what-could-happen scenarios racing through your head.  A second technique includes identifying a positive and focusing on that.  This will help refocus your brains attention and can start a trend of making you think of the positives, first.  Since positive thoughts affect so much of our physical and mental health, it’s important that we try to stay as positive as possible! 


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