Is Laughter Really the Best Medicine?

June 05 2015 – Bold Apps

It’s an age-old adage:  Laughter is the best medicine.  But, is it true?  Science and researchers are suggesting that laughter might actually help stave off illnesses, stress, and pain! 


Laughter can not only help fight off illness but it’s a powerful combatant to stress, pain, and can bring your mind and body back into balance.  By laughing, our bodies release endorphins, the hormones that work to relieve pain.  Laughter also releases tension and can keep your muscles relaxed for up to forty-five minutes.  And, laughter is also a great medicine to build social relationships!  Research shows that laughter shared among friends and family will strengthen bonds and laughter, being a social activity, is thirty times more likely to happen if you’re among a group of people.


In fact, the benefits of laughter may be so great that many researchers are considering that laughter may actually reduce or normalize blood-sugar levels in Diabetics.  But the benefits of laughter aren’t just contained to physical illnesses.  Laughter can also be a great way to treat mental stressors such as anxiety and can actually create a more positive feeling in those who are dealing with depression.  Physically, laughter helps to reduce blood pressure, sends more oxygen to our tissues, and Doctor’s say the effects of laughter are similar to that of exercise.


While increased stress is associated with a decreased immune system response, laughter can help turn this around!  Studies have shown that using humor can actually help to increase the level of infection-fighting antibodies and boost the number of immune cells we have.  Laughter can even help you if you’re having trouble sleeping because of pain:  a recent study proved that a patient with a chronic, painful illness was able to get two hours of pain-free sleep after laughing for just ten minutes.  So, find reasons to laugh and laugh often – it might just improve your health! 


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