Five Reasons to Stop Smoking

August 14 2015 – Blaise Netzer

If you’re between the ages of 25 and 36, chances are you might smoke.  Smoking is responsible for nearly one in five deaths in the United States alone and while you probably know the various health problems smoking can cause, you might wonder what quitting can do for you.


Almost immediately, your body responds to quitting by improving your blood circulation.  This means that you’ll have much more stamina than normal and won’t get winded as quickly.  Doctors say that the chemicals in nicotine, including carbon monoxide, affect your blood vessels in a negative way.  It causes them to tighten up and makes pumping blood difficult for you body, increasing your chance of heart disease and stroke.


Another big reason to quit smoking lies in one of the most pleasurable activities a person can have:  eating.  Smoking affects taste buds and your sense of smell and when you quit, it can take a couple of days for these sense to fully return to normal.  When they do, you can expect to be able to pick up smells with more ease.  As your taste buds return to normal you’ll notice that food tastes better.


Chances are, if you’re a smoker then any type of physical exercise is probably quite difficult.  Because of the damage that smoking causes to your lungs and airways, any form of exertion can wind you easily and shorten your endurance.  Stopping smoking will increase your respiration and breathing function and you can stop worrying about diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.  Running, walking, and cardiovascular exercise will become much easier and your endurance will increase. 


You can also say goodbye to the bad breath that comes with smoking, once you stop.  The damage to your gums and teeth will also stop and your risk of contracting gum disease will lower.  Gum disease has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease and poor circulation as well as oral and tongue cancers, so quitting smoking will also decrease your chances of contracting these illnesses.  Finally, quitting smoking will also affect your wallet!  Besides the fact that you’ll be saving a lot of money by not buying cartons or packs of cigarettes, your health insurance may decrease.  Since smoking has the potential to cause numerous and expensive health care problems, many insurance companies offer a discount if their customers quit smoking or take a health assessment! 

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