5 Reasons Compression Socks Help You Recover Better

August 19 2021 – Robert Fiumara

Compression socks are designed to help stabilize muscles and prevent muscle fatigue after a long workout and/or to help enhance oxygen flow through the blood for a better recovery and less fatigue. While they are typically used by athletes following an intense workout, those in the medical industry can also benefit from the use of compression socks. After all, you spend all day on your feet in the hospital, imagine how much better the workday would be if you weren't in pain during that time. Here are the top five benefits of wearing compression socks.

1. Even Compression Via 4 Zones

Compression socks offer graduated compression allowing for optimal blood flow from the calf to the foot which relaxes muscles and pushes blood naturally back towards the heart to re-oxygenate. The end result of this process is more energy and more effective workouts, or for medical staff, more energy in the hospital to help your patients and less stressful days.

2. Minimize Swelling

If you have ever pulled off your shoes at the end of your shift and been met with swollen feet you know how uncomfortable even your downtime can be. However, compression socks can help solve this problem by enhancing constant blood flow. As just discussed, the compression helps to push blood out of the feet and back to the heart which means less blood pooling. Without blood pooling, it is almost impossible for swelling to take place so you can enjoy your rest time.

3. Reduced Soreness & Muscle Fatigue

This is perhaps the golden grail of compression socks- their ability to reduce soreness and fatigue. Imagine if you could whip off your shoes at the end of a long shift and switch into tennis shoes without any swelling or pain, if you adopt compression socks that just may happen. Compression socks are designed to help stabilize your legs after a long workout when they feel like jelly. Putting on a pair after a shift can help stabilize your muscles which will help them recover from a long day of use so that you can actually make plans after work and carry through with your plans without suffering.

4. Enhanced Comfort

Just like any other pair of socks, the material of your compression socks plays a large role in your overall comfort. Avoid synthetics or cotton and opt for wool and high-performance yarn so that your shoes and feet stay dry. Wool and certain yarns don't sweat, which results in a more comfortable experience for everyone.

5. Constant Support

Want to know why medical experts feel so good after a day's work when they wear compression socks? It's simple because the compression socks support their heel, arch, and Achilles. This even level of support prevents common injuries that occur from overuse. One tight hug is all you need to improve your foot health.

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