The History Behind Medical Scrubs

August 05 2016 – Bold Apps

The History Behind Medical Scrubs

The History Behind Medical Scrubs

Medical scrubs are the type of clothing that physicians, nurses, surgeons and various other healthcare workers wear on a regular basis. These garments were originally designed for use by operating room personnel and surgeons who would put these garments on while sterilizing themselves before going in for surgery. Today, they are worn by just about all hospital personnel.

But, their use goes beyond that of just hospitals. Midwives, veterinarians, dentists and much more are wearing these scrubs today. Scrubs were created to be extremely simple, cheap to replace if they get stained or damaged and easy to clean. They don't have a lot of places for germs to hide, which means you aren't going to have to worry about spreading any contaminants and germs from one person to another.

Scrubs are designed to help promote a sterile and clean environment. As such, you aren't allowed to wear any clothing underneath of your scrubs. Outside clothing is said to introduce unwanted pathogens into the environment. Just about everyone working in a hospital in the US have to wear some type of scrubs when they are at work. The same applies to those working in a dental, doctor or veterinary office. Doctors can wear their own clothes with a traditional white coat, except for when they head into surgery. Depending on the facility, unit clerks and custodians might also wear scrubs. When the surgeon isn't performing surgery, scrubs ae often worn under a long white coat.

Today, the modern scrubs consist of pants and a short-sleeve shirt. Some even wear a waist-length, long-sleeved jacket to stay warm during the cooler months of the year. Surgical scrubs are often light blue, light green or a light greenish-blue color. For those looking for non-surgical scrubs, you can choose from any number of different patterns and colors to best accommodate your individual style and taste.

One of the hottest lines available today are Koi scrubs. These scrubs come in countless colors, styles and sizes. You will enjoy the comfortability and durability that these scrubs provide. You can choose from an assortment of different fits to make sure you are comfortable and able to move when at work.

The cargo pocket pants give you the extra storage space you need to hold all of your medical equipment when at the office, while the drawstring waist allows you to easily adjust the pants to your individual size. The Katelyn scrub top offers front pockets and a form-fitted waist to give you the added comfort and style you like. Because Koi scrubs are so affordable, you can easily replace them if you need to. Now, you can look stylish and conform to the standard laws set forth for healthcare workers.


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