The Gift Of Life: Why You Should Donate Blood

Posted on July 29 2016

The Gift Of Life: Why You Should Donate Blood

When was the last time you actually donated blood? Heck, when was the last time you even thought about going in and donating blood? Oftentimes, people overlook the importance of donating blood. You might not realize it, but donating blood one time could be enough to save up to three lives. By taking a few minutes of your time to donate blood, you could help give someone else the life-saving blood they need to survive. Not only is donating blood beneficial to the person receiving it, but it is also beneficial to the one donating it. Check out some of the benefits that come from donating blood.

You get the joy of helping save another individual's life.

One of the main reasons why people donate blood in the first place is to help save the life of another individual. Being able to save someone else who might need your blood is unlike any other feeling out there. There aren't any substitutes for real human blood. When you make a donation, your blood is divided up into different components based on what each patient needs. Each blood donation could help anywhere from three to four individuals.

You get a free check-up at the same time.

Not everyone is eligible to donate blood. You have to be fit. Before the donation process starts, you have to go through a number of check-ups to determine whether you are eligible or not. None of these tests cost you anything out of pocket. These tests can help you tremendously. If you have a problem with your blood pressure or other diseases, you will be made aware before the problem gets too out of hand.

You can burn extra calories.

Donating blood just one time can help you burn 650 Kcal. If you are struggling with your weight, you can keep it under control by donating blood. You can only donate blood every 2-3 months. The amount of time between donations stems from the amount of hemoglobin you have, your health and what your iron levels are.

You get free goodies.

When you donate blood, you get a number of free items for your time. While many service centers offer free soda, juice and snacks, there are plenty of others that give away promotional items, stickers and even t-shirts. You also get your choice of colored wrap to adorn your arm in the location where they took the blood.

Beyond the free items above, there is also a chance that you could get free gift cards. Lifestream is currently offering a $5 gift card for anyone who stops in and donates blood by August 31st.

Hospitals are in urgent need of blood donations. Supplies are running low and they need your help to make sure they are prepared in the event of a major emergency. Not only can you help save someone else's life, but you can also feel great about your decision along the way. Do your part to donate blood and know that you helped someone else in dire need. Contact Lifehack or Red Cross to find out more.


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