A Brief History of Medical and Dental Scrubs

September 10 2015 – Blaise Netzer

The practice of wearing medical uniforms for surgeries and related procedures primarily started in the early 20th century. In most cases at that time, the surgical procedures took place inside huge amphitheaters where all the medical students were allowed to watch the operations that were taking place. The surgeons then would wear everyday clothing during surgeries in many cases. In some instances however, they would wear butcher aprons to keep their clothes protected. Those days, surgeons did not care much about sterility; the sutures that were used for the closing of the wounds used to be string from a normal sewing needle, and the gauze used for covering of the wound used to be cotton floor remnants.

However, a huge change occurred in the way medical professionals used to dress in 1918 after the Spanish flu pandemic. In the beginning, the medical professionals and surgeons were seen to be wearing masks so that the physician could be protected from the illness of the patient. Heavy rubber gloves were also used so that medical staffers could remain protected from the harsh chemicals that were used for cleaning back then. 

During 1940s, there was increased awareness as to how one could become infected and the respective need for a sanitary environment within the operating room. This is when the medical professionals started wearing white uniforms for their surgeries and daily rounds.The first scrubs widely used were white gowns and drapes covering medical assistants and surgeons while the operations were being carried out. However, it was soon found that white gowns against a white sheet background would cause eyestrain. During the 1950s and 1960s, dental and medical scrubs were of a blue or green color so that the eyestrain could be reduced significantly. These colors would also not show bloodstains as clearly as the white scrubs would.

Soon enough, medical apparel designers started experimenting using various styles and colors of scrubs. By the 1980s, medical professionals had enough options, colors, and designs to choose from to have their own styles in the workplace.

Today, the medical scrubs come in various designs and forms ranging from V neck and short sleeved shirts to formal gowns and jackets. The fabrics that are used to make these come in many bright prints and colors and the most popular of these fabrics are durable, which are also very easy to clean.

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