Using Superfoods To Improve Your Health

May 22 2015 – ROBERT FIUMARA

When suffering from an illness or injury we often turn to Doctor’s to prescribe prescription medications that can be costly or have serious side effects.  But if you want to be really healthy, experts suggest that you turn to the foods you eat to improve your health. 


Using food as medicine is called nutrigenomics and it’s based on the idea that super-foods will tell your genes how to act, improving their functionality and your health.  Experts of nutrigenomics say that all you need to be healthy lies in the specific genes you carry inside of you – and that nutrigenomics will allow you to personalize medicine.  Since we all require different amounts of sleep, food, exercise, and vitamins the science of nutrigenomics makes sense and it doesn’t have to be complicated.


First, you’ll want to remove all of the unhealthy substances you consume.  While Doctor’s recommend a daily dose of different nutrients for each person, you’ll also want to add daily relaxation, movement (especially exercise) and remove unhealthy stressors as much as possible.  Shifting from a nutrient-poor diet to a nutrient-rich diet is as simple as eating the rainbow.  This means that you need to eat a broad range of different types of food to get the full benefits of nutrigenomics.  Adding healthy fats like olive oils, nuts, and avocados while eating a modest amount of lean animal protein (like chicken and fish) is the best bet for optimal health. 


Secondly, make sure that you’re eating as much fresh, unprocessed food as possible – vegetables, fruit, and whole grains should all be a staple of your diet.  Because it’s nearly impossible for us to get all the vitamins and minerals we need from food alone, add a multi-vitamin to your daily intake, including a fish oil supplement to regulate blood sugar.  Try to purchase food that does not come in a box, can, or bottle but if the food does have a label, it should contain five ingredients or fewer.  Avoiding white sugar and flour while steering clear of anything containing high fructose corn syrup is the best bet.  If it came from the earth or a field, then it’s probably safe to eat!  Remembering these easy tips can simplify your diet while dramatically improving your health.


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