Pro Compression Minnesota Lakes Compression Socks

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       Inspired by the Land of 10,000 Lakes, these beautiful compression socks are truly a work of art. The cool, crisp colors represent the various hues found in Minnesota's lakes. While they are quite the sight, they also are an excellent choice for workers in several areas, especially the medical industry. Doctors, surgeons, nurses, and helpers alike know that hospital jobs can be extremely tough due to long working hours. The true graduated compression increases blood flow which allows them to perform at their peak. With the advanced design, these compression socks are able to support critical tendons and muscles. With work, comes sweat. Thankfully, these socks have also been designed with that in mind, the unique blend of materials wicks moisture for a comfortable, non-slip fit that can go as long as your work demands.   

      Additional Benefits:               
      • Innovative design to help reduce swelling and Blood Pooling
      • Relaxes muscles while reducing pain
      • Helps efficient recovery from sports/work
      • Made of breathable material ideal for hospitals
      • Stretches to fit the foot and provide adequate support
      • Easy to launder without losing its compressing capabilities
      • Available in multiple sizes
      • Made in USA
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