Spring Allergy Sufferers: How Allergies Affect Your Body

April 29 2015 – ROBERT FIUMARA

Spring brings flowers, blue skies, and the chirping of birds but, for allergy sufferers, spring also brings with it runny, red noses, sneezing, and a multitude of other annoying symptoms.  But how do seasonal allergies affect the way you feel and, bigger picture, how do they affect your overall health?  Let’s take a look.


When spring rolls around it brings with it an influx of pollen.  This pollen fills the air and those who have sensitivity to it, experience allergies by breathing it in.  One of the main symptoms of allergies that can be mistaken as another illness is excruciating tooth pain.  Allergies can cause the sinuses to become inflamed and infected, while also congesting the nose, and since the roots of your teeth are very close to your sinuses, you experience pain when the nerves of your teeth become irritated.  It’s not at all uncommon for serious symptoms to result from seasonal allergies.


Another common, but serious, side effect of seasonal spring allergies is throat irritation.  Dry, scratchy throats are annoying and while you might think that they’re caused by inhaling pollen, there’s another surprising way you can experience this symptom:  by eating apples.  When pollen is deposited onto the fruits skin, it sticks, meaning that when you eat an apple for your midday snack, you’re depositing the pollen into your body and irritating your throat while you chew and swallow. 


Think that pollen only affects the inside of your body?  Think again.  Doctors say that a major symptom of allergies is eye irritation.  Since your eyes are open and accessible most of the time, pollen can stick to them creating itchiness, redness, and in some cases, inflammation.  In severe cases, rubbing your eyes can lead to injuries like scratched corneas. 


The single most life-threatening way that your allergies can harm your body is by allergy-induced asthma.  This occurs when pollen invades your lungs, irritating them and making them close up.  The best way to avoid this type of asthma is to prevent it before it starts by seeing your Doctor for a prescription strength anti-inflammatory medication.   The great news about seasonal allergies is that now, about eighty percent of the medicines that are used to treat season allergies, are available at your local drugstore, over the counter. 


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